Thursday, March 8, 2018

Oops! Mum forgot about our blog! Hope she doesn't forget our dinner!

I think our mum is getting old!  She forgot to add to our blog; for years now.  OK, maybe not years, but it's been a long time. Look at us!  How could she NOT want to write about us?  We may not have too many followers, but she can't let them down.  Pug Hugs to all the campers we have met along the way and who have checked it to see Pam & the RV Puggies! XO

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

♪♫♪ On the Road Again! ♫♪♫
September 2015
Leia Loo's first trip with us and she was amazing.  Daisy Doo showed her how to jump up into her camp chair and wait for the marshmallows!

Amazing!  You could see to the bottom and all the fallen logs in this glacial lake.

The Grand Tetons are so dramatic!

What an incredible trip!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bentley Is Now At The Rainbow Bridge
Sweet kitty boy, Bentley, lost his fight with kidney failure on July 5, 2015.  We believe he was about 17-18 years old and was Daisy Doo's best buddy.  They adored each other.  Although Bentley knew many a pug in his 15 1/2 years with me, Daisy was his favorite.  He will forever be in my heart.  Enjoy romping at the bridge like a kitten, I will see you soon dear Bentley.  Daisy sends her love, too.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

~Remembering Sweet Sassy Sue~

It's so hard when we lose a beloved pet and I believe only another pet lover can truly understand that loss.  It's taken me all this time to write this post.  Sassy Sue would have been 13 in August of 2014, but a fast growing cancerous mouth tumor took her in less than two weeks.  I guess in hindsight I should be grateful she didn't have pain, didn't suffer, but somehow it's still so hard.  So, I thought I'm ready now to add some of my favorite pictures of Sassy Sue, the sweetest puggy I've ever had the pleasure to know.  Play at the Rainbow Bridge little darling and I will see you again soon.  <3

That's Sassy Sue cuddled down by my left leg, and of course Daisy Doo is peeking up at Jeff taking the photo.  Silly old Bentley is still traveling with us at 17!  This was taken at Jalama Beach in March of 2014.
Gotta love the expression on the old gal's face here!  Sassy Sue must have called dibs on the quilt after a long walk on Jalama Beach during the same trip as above.  Poor Daisy Doo looks exhausted!
This was taken last year when we were on an RV trip with my parents.  Poor old Sassy Sue was insulted to be in a cage with the wild bunch! 
One of my favorite pictures of Sassy Sue.  I made this pug themed quilt and a friend made the knit pugs for Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network (APARN).  You can contact Diane if you are interested in the knit pugs, she sells them on Facebook.  We couldn't let Daisy Doo help model the items, she wanted to play with the knit pugs!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~Priest Gulch Trip- June 7-14, 2014~
We had an amazing week at Priest Gulch on the Dolores River about 20 miles from Dolores, Colorado.  We had an great space, #22, right on the river.  Just relaxing, reading, hiking, and discovering Dolores and Rico.  So much fun, we ended up booking another trip for late September to see the leaves change.
 Sassy is almost 13 now and gets tired, so she's in the stroller.
 We have two pug chairs, but Daisy Doo loves to snuggle up with Sassy Sue.
 Our attempt at a "selfie" on the Priest Creek. 
 Oh, how we love our Campfires!
 Enjoying the Enterprise Bar's open air dining.
 "Come on, mum, let's go."  I went in to see the Enterprise Bar, somewhat like the Palace Bar in Prescott, AZ.
Just love this campground.....we'll be back. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

~Just a Sittin' and a Thinkin'~



 Cracks me up the way pets like to hang out in the big people bed.  Daisy is definitely a pillow pug, while Sass takes to the right end corner.  Never fails!  Poor Bentley just sits  where he finds a place, Sassy can't stand him, so it's not too close to her.  :0)

~Yippee  We Got Our Loca the Pug Calendar!~

Notice the frustrated look on my face!  No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get Bentley to look at the camera.  The look definitely says, "Just take the darn picture, Jeff!" 

If you haven't a clue who Loca is, go to YouTube and check out the Loca the Pug videos.  She is a special needs pug who lives in Ireland.  I follow her on FB

Thursday, October 31, 2013

~The Great Pacific Coast Adventure~
Finished a 6 week RV trip to Puget Sound and the Pacific Coast.  What a great adventure.  The puggies were great little travelers, only to be outdone by Bentley the cat.  He reminds me of a hippie from the 1960s, everything is A-ok with him!  Enjoyed our trip of a lifetime, but also glad to be home.  Planning our next trip to Joshua Tree National Park in November.  :0)